ALISA is a new generation LED electric glass fireplace with incredible realism. It is designed to reproduce the appearance of the flame of a wood-burning fireplace as faithfully as possible: bright and defined flame effect; natural tongues of flame 3D effect Front, side or three-sided installation, it can be hung on the wall or placed on a base. The steel profiles of the frame are minimal for a total view of the hearth. The front glass can be removed, decoration of the base with small and large crystals, flakes of bark, flakes of grey, black coal and high-quality ceramic wood, with a burnt effect. Remote control, 1.5 kW heating with thermostat; diversified switching on over 7 days; 4 different flame heights; bed of multicoloured embers (orange, purple, blue); internal lighting of the fireplace. Open Window Detection Sensor to turn off the heating function and save energy.
Optional: DELUXE real wood logs

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The suggestion and charm given by the flame of a fireplace, combined with the possibility of heating a living area or a colder room in the house very quickly, are now possible thanks to the selection of stoves and electric fireplaces of maisonFire, the leading company in Italy in the production and marketing of furnishing fireplaces.

Without any type of air intake or flue to another system, without the risks associated with the presence of fuels or soot, these real design elements are able to offer a flame effect with a great atmosphere: they can be used both without emitting heat (letting yourself be lulled by the magic of the fire on a pleasant summer evening) and by activating the fast and effective heating power (for rooms up to 30sqm) at low cost.

Cleaning, absence of residues and maintenance, speed and effectiveness make this collection of fireplaces and stoves a valid alternative to other heating systems for small rooms.


Size: L. 65 cm. – H. 49 cm. – D. 30 cm.
Power consuption on effect only: 212 watt
Output heating : 1,5 kW

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