The modular water fireplaces are amazing tools with which to recreate the fire of a fireplace anywhere, in the absence of heat (with consequent risks) and above all without having to feed the flame with a fuel. The versatility is total, they can also be placed in large numbers to create unthinkable fire fronts, they can be freely embedded in wood or any flammable material, in wall niches, in tables or furniture, simply anywhere. BRACE 40 WOOD is equipped with LED technology, sound (noise of the crackling of wood), digital remote control, central flame from side to side, symmetrical (for positioning also double-sided). Minimal consumption, 125 watt hours.

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maisonFire - Brace 40 Wood

The maisonFire electric water fireplaces use a refined and exclusive technology, which guarantees a flame of incredible realism. The three-dimensional effect is obtained using ultrasound to create a very fine mist of the water which is illuminated for an amazing “flames and smoke” result. This, combined with faux wood and a bright, sparkling ash bed, produces a result that surpasses all expectations of realism in an electric fireplace. With a practical remote control you can control the fire and smoke effect and also the useful heating function (in some models), combining the charm of these products with the advantage of having a convenient source of immediate heat.


  • Size:  L. 40.7 cm. – P. 22 cm – H 17.6 cm
  • Power consuption on effect only: 135 watt
  • Weight: 4 Kg
  • Colors aviable: Black

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