Elecharme Verticale is a double-sided version that allows you to connect two rooms in an original and attractive way. It is one of the largest vertical fireplaces available (H 160 – D 80 cm). Water Multicolour RGB LED flame effect, 7 different colours alternating or combining with each other by the APP; 5 preset light sequences.
3 different inner decorations, adjustable heating function at 1 or 2 kW, glass door openable.
Remote or dedicated APP control.

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Without any type of air intake or flue to another system, without the risks associated with the presence of fuels or soot, these real design elements are able to offer a flame effect with a great atmosphere: they can be used both without emitting heat (letting yourself be lulled by the magic of the fire on a pleasant summer evening) and by activating the fast and effective heating power (for rooms up to 30sqm) at low cost.Cleaning, absence of residues and maintenance, speed and effectiveness make this collection of fireplaces and stoves a valid alternative to other heating systems for small rooms.

The maisonFire electric water fireplaces use a refined and exclusive technology (“Optimyst”) which guarantees a flame of incredible realism. The three-dimensional effect is obtained using ultrasound to create a very fine mist of the water which is illuminated for an amazing “flames and smoke” result. This, combined with fake wood and a bright, sparkling ash bed, produces a result that surpasses all expectations of realism in an electric fireplace. With a practical remote control you can control the fire and smoke effect and also the useful heating function (in some models), combining the charm of these products with the advantage of having a convenient source of immediate heat.


External dimensions: L. 966 cm. – P. 54,8 cm. – H. 197 cm.
Power on effect only: 400 watts
Heating: 2 kW
Coverage: Wood, White Pebbles, Crystals
Interface: App

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