Who We Are


If you appreciate the charm and the that only a fireplace can give to an environment, if you want to be free to choose the location of your fireplace without the need of a pipe, if you do not want to have dirty or bulky fuels stored, or any maintenance, maisonFire is the solution.

As part of a group, born in 1962, maisonFire has been passionately engaged in the fascinating world of fireplaces since the mid-90s, producing fireplaces of high design and simple installation in Milan, using great innovation and technical&stylistic experimentation.

With the target of combining the interest for new fuels such as bioethanol, and new technologies such as electric water fires, with your need for elegance and easy use maisonFire creates furniture fireplaces for both the residential sector and public locations from hotels to restaurants.

Two Collections of products with a common thread: technical excellence and intriguing, refined shape.

Bioethanol fireplaces, an elegant way to decorate homes tastefully and without pollution. Unique and fascinating high design pieces born to enhance any environment. Fast and easy positioning with open and exciting flames, but without any kind of chimney.

Electric fireplaces with Opti-myst® technology: incredible fire and smoke effect due to the vaporization of water with infinitesimal consumption without risks and flue. Operated by remote control to enjoy the charm of flames and the warmth of fireplaces using a single button.