A “nice box” for a centerpiece outdoors for memorable summer evenings, or simply placed inside an old fireplace to be fed on bioethanol.
Tabletop, floor fireplace, also to be placed inside an open fireplace.

It contains the 2 lt. inox rectangular brurner, with two protective glasses on the sides.

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maisonFire - Bioethanol fireplaces general overview

maisonFire biofireplaces come from work and creativity of expert professionals and from many years of research, designed and produced entirely in Italy, represent an elegant way to decorate with taste your home without polluting and offer themselves as objects of design that enhance the environment, unique and fascinating.

The Bio-fireplaces by maisonFire ensure ease of installation and facility of use; not producing ash or other residues do not require maintenance, can be positioned anywhere in the house because they require neither chimney, nor power systems. Produced in Italy according to European standards of reference, then use renewable fuel will not affect the ecological balance.


  • Size: L. 50.6 cm. – H 10 cm. – D. 26.5 cm. (Body)
  • Tank capacity: 2 lt
  • Autonomy: 5 hours
  • Weight: 11.5 Kg
  • Colours aviable: Black

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