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If you too dream of a suggestive and fascinating atmosphere for your living room or bedroom …

If you too love to go home in the evening and let all the stress, fatigue and tensions of the day evaporate in front of the fireplace …

If you too want to let yourself be carried away by the charm of the fire that dances on the wall and find yourself at the table with the family, welcomed by an elegant, clean and modern environment …

Then in MaisonFire you will find what is right for you.

Unfortunately, nowadays it is not always possible to intervene with the construction of a flue in one’s home.

The regulations are increasingly severe: in recent years, for example, the mandatory requirement for wood-burning fireplaces has also been introduced, to have an installation certification, release of the system booklet and biennial maintenance.

Not only that: managing and maintaining a fireplace becomes increasingly difficult.

Having a fireplace at home involves a whole series of disadvantages such as heavy fuels to be transported, dirt from wood and ash, smoke and soot, long and complex maintenance.

In addition to the fact that, in case you were to build the chimney, you would have to run into complex and expensive masonry works, together with a long bureaucratic process of permits and certifications to be requested.

Fortunately, today, enjoying the beauty and luxury of a fireplace at home is still possible, even without having to build a chimney, without having to give up the elegance of the fire and without spending time and money on maintenance and fuel management.

MaisonFire has made all this possible since 1990, thanks to its specialization in the construction of alternative flue-free fireplaces.

Over the years MaisonFire has worked constantly to combine the practicality and economy of new fuels such as bioethanol with the most modern and exclusive technologies in the world, creating absolutely unique products such as electric water fireplaces, which give a flame effect surpassing any expectation of realism in an electric fire.

Not only. But the constant search for the modern, the unbridled desire to keep up with the times and, if possible, to overcome and anticipate them, has allowed MaisonFire to create real design objects for the home.

Furnishing elements with a unique, modern, clean style, which become not only synonymous with practicality and time saving but also style and elegance, the inimitable Italian one, which was born, grew up and lives in Milan.

So why choose MaisonFire?

Because it is, without false rhetoric, the spearhead in the market for alternative fireplaces in Italy.

Because it produces a certified product entirely in Italy and in compliance with European regulations, without putting your purchase at risk (Even today a very high number of families buy MaisonFire to replace one previously bought from non-certified companies) and without ever giving you problems on safety and operation.

Because to date, more than 80,000 families in Italy have already transformed their homes into a wonderful, exclusive place with a unique elegance thanks to the technology and design of our fireplaces.

And finally, because we are the only ones who can offer you complete assistance and all the information you need, from the exact moment you decide you want to learn more about the world of alternative flue-free fireplaces.

Choosing MaisonFire means having boundless love for your home and family. It means loving moments of meditation and relaxation in front of the fire.

MaisonFire is not just a smart purchase.

It is passion, love and sharing a warm moment of happiness, in front of the dance of the flames.

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